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Download expert advisors for mt4 Or learn the programming to create free expert advisors

Create Free Expert Advisors for MT4 (MQL4)

Learn MQL4 code to create your own free expert advisors

To create an expert advisor from scratch, you simply need to know a few MQL4 Basics.

We have just that on our MQL4 Programming Basics Page.

We also include a ,free to download, template expert advisor to help you learn from seeing an actual working EA.

Download Expert Advisors (MT4)

Don't have time to learn MQL4 code?

We offer pre-made expert advisors, for every indicator, so you can get started right now!

These expert advisors are very basic and made individually for every indicator and some combining indicators... and YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING!

For example, lets say you download the RSI(Relative Strength Index) EXPERT ADVISOR. When you download it, you receive two simple text files.

The first is the step by step instructions and the second is the code to copy and paste into MT4. (We show you exactly how if you aren't familiar).

From there you can change the values of the RSI, such as the time period, Symbol(Default is set to work on every symbol), Applied Price and Shift. You can also change where you want the trade action to strike at. (Eg. When RSI EXCEEDS 71 "Sell".

The complete instructions come with each EA.

These expert advisors are specifically made for people who don't want to learn the MQL4 language, but still want the ability to create expert advisors from a template, customize it and test their own strategies.

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Relax and let autotrading robots do the rest - Enjoy having automated trading strategies working for you, while you sleep


Have you ever wanted to make money while you sleep?

Well, now YOU can...

Most people don't have the time to constantly monitor every minute a price change occurs. This is where autotrading comes in.

Once you have tested a strategy that is profitable, you simply create an "Expert Advisor" on the MetaTrader Platform.

It is simply a little bit of code that has your specific trade directions within it. You can put literally any automated strategy(or strategies) into an autotrading robot for you, using any particular indicators needed for your trading strategy to work.

Simply tell it what you want it to do and how much money you want to invest and let it do the rest. This is how you can earn an income trading, while you work, golf and sleep!

Click here to learn how to create an expert advisor using MQL4 basics

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Binary options autotrading robots available - Create your own strategies or use our autotrading robots at NoahFX binary options broker

AutoTrading Binary Options

Making money with binary options can be a hard task, but not an impossible one.

One of the main difficulties is that for the most part you are unable to test your strategies using most binary options websites. They tend to have a fairly short chart history and it is difficult to see where the real trend is going.

For example, you may be trading on the 1min charts, but can't see whats going on in the 15min, 30min or 1hour charts, without jumping around and possibly loosing your spot and focus.

This can often lead to hasty trades and then poor results

For those of you who don't know; binary options are simple trades with expiry times. Some as low as 30 seconds and possibly lower.

You pick your expiry time, make your investment, say if the stock is going to go up or down and then win a percentage in return or lose your investment.

You cannot lose more than your initial investment though. This is part of the appeal of binary options, while this fast action is also risky.

So, what if you could pretest all of your binary options strategies before ever investing a dime?

Better yet, what if you could take that surefire strategy and turn it on autopilot?

That is where and the mt4 platform come into play.

On this website, you can learn how or can purchase a customizable autotrading script for the mt4 platform.

These scripts as mentioned already on this page, are caller "Expert advisors".

Whether you create your own or download a ready made one, you will have the ability to trade with them online 24 hours a day, without having to be present making trades.

    Disadvantages of binary options trading

    Advantages of binary options trading:

  1. Returns of 90%+ on winning trades. (Invest $100 make $100 back + $90)
  2. Can only lose single investment capital (Invest $1 on a trade, you can only lose that $1 and no more than that)
  3. Multiple expiry times (30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes... All the way up several days or more)
  4. Ability to backtest (Click here to learn how to backtest on MT4)
  5. Exciting and fast paced...

    Advantages of binary options trading

    Disadvantages of binary options trading:

  1. Very few brokers support binary options on an MT4 platform (This eliminates fast backtesting)
  2. The odds are against you. (Binary options brokers know that most people are going to lose more than they win, especially if they are unable to backtest their strategies over long periods of time. If you lose once, you have to win twice to be back into profit.

    A $100 dollar lost trade leaves you at -$100. After one win you will make maybe $70-$90 leaving you at -$30 or -$10 still.)
  3. The fast pace can cause emotional "Gambling" after a lost trade. (Consistency is very important, as is emotional control.)
  4. Minimal chart history on most binary options platforms

If you are interested in joining a broker that supports binary options trading on the MT4 platform, NOAH FX is recommended.($10 Minimum Deposit)

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Click here to check out our Binary Options Expert Advisor for MT4

Looking for something more interactive and fast paced?

If you are looking for something a little more lively and exciting you could check out Expert Option. It is a great site.

You have the use of basic indicators such as, RSI, Moving average, Alligator & Bollinger Bands. Also objects like horizontal line and angled lines.

You can add friends, get suggested buy and sell signals and can watch where other traders are placing bets.

Beware though, binary options can be very dangerous. Use at your own risk.

Create a real or demo account for binary options at expert option

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